Top 3 left to right – Brendan Guerin, Brayden Parr, Kane Newcombe

Parr victorious on Locks night
Author : All Stars Media

Young Brayden Parr again showed talent beyond his years by picking up the A Main win of the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series at Heartland Raceway. Parr started out of 5 and on a rubber down track worked his way through an action packed field to take the lead on Lap 19.

V7 Paul Solomon led for first few laps before being passed by SA44 Dan Evans. About third race distance the reds were bought on by SA33 Mark Caruso, V16 James Wren and V92 Matt Reed, with Caruso heavily impacting the catch fence in Turn 3.

An open red was called while track fence repairs were carried out and this gave teams time to access their tyre situation early on in the race. Caruso and Wren both incurred major damage which ended their nights. Reed managed to repair his car and restart the event working his way up to 9th with an ill handling car.

At the restart Evans was soon to be passed by Solomon again while Parr was sitting in third waiting for the right opportunity to strike. When he made his move SA96 Brendan Guerin and V65 Kane Newcombe also made moves into 2nd and 3rd. Solomon had to be content with 4th while his younger brother Chris passed Evans for 5th in the last couple of laps. SA32 Ben Gartner had a solid run for 7th with VA91 Dan Scott, V92 Matt Reed and v50 Darren Clarke rounding out the top 10.

V33 Micka Holt went for a wild ride in Heat 1 which took the front off his car. Rookie to the series Dillon Ghent in the Bruce Stephens Racing V91 became tangled in the incident and as a result his night was ended also. Both drivers required further medical checks and fortunately both were cleared and released from hospital shortly after.

The night was kicked off with an emotional start with a fitting tribute to Phil Lock who was celebrating his 100th series round. Lock’s V4 carried the Australian flag during the national anthem and slowly circulated with the All Star Pace car beside him while all the 22 teams lined the front straight to applaud his efforts.
“It was a site that gave you goose bumps and certainly an honour to be a part of.” Promoter Searle said. “We tried to make a fuss for Locky as this achievement is certainly one to be recognised. I think it worked and at the end of the night we had all the extended crew/family get up on the stage for a photo shoot.”

Heat wins – Dan Evans, Matt Reed, Eddie Lumbar and Kane Newcombe

A Main results: 1st V77 Brayden Parr, 2nd SA96 Brendan Guerin, 3rd V65 Kane Newcombe, 4th V7 Paul Solomon, 5th V83 Chris Solomon, 6th SA44 Dan Evans, 7th SA32 Ben Gartner, 8th VA91 Dan Scott, 9th V92 Matt Reed, 10th V50 Darren Clarke, 12th V29 Michael Tancredi, 13th V6 Eddie Lumbar, 14th VA2 Boyd Harris, 15th SA98 Cheian Perrett, 16th V78 Chris Campbell, 17th V75 Mitch Smith, 18th SA16 Jack Gartner-DNF, 19th SA33 Mark Caruso-DNF, 20th V16 James Wren-DNF

Contingency Winners

IDIGIT Lucky $100 draw – Dan Evans - $100 cash

Bar Up Bull Bars 8 – Dan Scott

Central Vic Earthworks Random Draw – Paul Solomon

All Star Hot Arse Award –James Wren - Fire Extinguisher

Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award –Paul Solomon – a year’s subscription to Oval Express Magazine

Melbourne Stainless Steel Last man running Award – Mitch Smith

BK Racing Ti Components 4th Place – Paul Solomon

Top 3 left to right – Brendan Guerin, Brayden Parr, Kane Newcombe